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9 ways to use email marketing as a service business

9 Free Ways to Use Email Marketing for Unique Service Businesses


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One of the biggest push back arguments I hear on the topic of Email Marketing is that it doesn’t make sense for service businesses. It is only suited for product based companies Megan, right? Nope! Today I want to share with you why email marketing is powerful for service-based small businesses. Wedding Planner? Photographer? Brand Designer? Copywriter? Artist? Calligrapher? Consultant? Coach? Social Media Manager? Marketer? {Insert you awesome service niche?}

Yes. You can tap into email marketing for your business! And in case you missed it, I shared last week why you should care about email marketing and how social media is changing. It even affects you as a service provider, friend.

9 ways to use email marketing as a service business

Here are 9 ways you can start using emails in your business to uplevel your marketing efforts and nurture your client experience:

    1. Client Welcome Series: Did you just land a new client? Yay! You can put them into your email marketing list and segment them for a special client welcome email series! You can use the same concept as a welcome packet but do it digitally through emails. Send them a special thank you email, your Office Policies in another, a bundle of goodies like a service plan timeline and handy checklist, and finish it up with a “here’s our next steps” email prompting them to take action and schedule their first meeting with you.
    1. Communication Automation: You can pre-create and automate communication touch points with your clients to go out during the course of your service!For example: If you are a service based provider who has an in-depth process to work through with your clients like a wedding planner, you can use communication automation to help keep in touch with your clients so they feel cared for and know you are working hard behind the scenes for them. Using the wedding planner idea, you could pre-create monthly check in emails with a list of things they should be focusing on that month and words of encouragement to help them get through all the work. You could even make it fun by giving them monthly date night ideas to remind them to take time for themselves and enjoy the process! Of course, you will send tailored communication along the way as well, but this could be an extra and simple way to make working with you more memorable so they are inclined to give you great reviews later on!
    1. Relationship Building: If you read my thoughts on social media, you know that you don’t own all that hard work you spent cultivating a list of followers. So what can you do? I would suggest you change your mindset on social media. Social media is still a great tool for marketing, but it shouldn’t be the end goal of relationship building. Use social media as the hello, the hook. Social media is a great way to find new people and welcome potential customers into the world of your business, but it isn’t a strong long-term foundation to build a relationship. Email Marketing does a much better job at this!No matter what happens to your email marketing platform of choice, you own your list at the end of the day. You can get in contact with that list without jumping through third party hoops whenever you want.Every email you send does NOT and should not be an advertisement. That is called spammy. You can use emails to connect with your potential customer just as you would on social media! You can go more in-depth with your readers to truly establish trust. You can use the same principles for creating blog content to create Email Marketing content that connects with and adds value to your subscriber list!Still unsure of how to do this well? Subscribe to my service based biz friends Lauren Carnes, Dannie Lynn Fountain, and Bonnie Bakhtiari’s lists and you’ll quickly see what I mean. They share their stories and connect with their readers even when they aren’t “selling.”
    1. Drive Traffic to Your Website: Speaking of blog content, you can absolutely use email marketing to point your list to your content rich blog posts! I know the push back here as well… But Megan, isn’t that annoying to push out my content on my blog, on social media AND through email marketing? No, girlfriend. That is simply not true. With algorithms at play, only a small fraction of your audience ever sees your fabulous social media shout outs. People who actually take the time to put their email address on your list really really want to be in the know of what you can give and what you are up to. Give them what they want!If you’ve done the hard work of writing a blog post, you should show your list that you really are the expert they signed up to hear from by sharing it with them!*Note: If you write multiple posts per week, I would suggest highlighting only one post per week in an email campaign. You don’t want to overwhelm your list with emails! Pick the most content rich post you have (think the most helpful post you wrote, the how-to’s, the step-by-step guides, and etc). Once they are back on your website they are much more inclined to peek around at your other latest posts and service offering pages!
    1. Show Em’ What You’re Made Of: You know that little term floating around called “Opt-Ins” They are reallllllly effective at establishing yourself as an expert in your niche and showing your potential buyers that you have your you know what together. 😉 Example: My Powerful Brand Guide was created when I was still offering brand design as a service for creatives. So why would I tell you exactly how to create a brand if I was trying to design it for you? Well because my ideal client wasn’t a DIY kinda gal. I wanted her to see a glimpse of the process, but quickly realize that I indeed had the skills and know how to design a brand for her built on a strong foundation with a beautiful experience. You can use the exact same strategy with your opt-in of choice that points back to your service. Show your potential client that you have the smarts to complete the job and the heart to do it well for them!
    1. Share Client Case Studies or Great Experiences: Did you recently have a very satisfied client or a project that had measurable success because of your help? Share about it in a special email for your list! This will remind your subscribers that there is a service available to them and show how passionate you are about helping your clients make it happen! Don’t just share images of the event or project, but rather talk about why the client hired you, how you promised you could help, the story of their experience, and how their circumstances changed as a result. Storytelling is powerful for sales and brand awareness and what better story to tell than a real client experience you were able to provide!
    1. Promotions: Are you hosting a Mini Session (photographers) or having a holiday promotion to bring awareness to your service offering? Send an email! I promise this isn’t icky. Your tribe wants to know when you are offering a promotion! Just make sure you take care to remember that the relationship is key. Show them why your promotion would be helpful for them!
    1. Share Your Openings: Do you have upcoming space available in your calendar for new clients? Tell your list first! Show them that they are the VIPs you want to work with before you shout it all over social media and every Facebook group.
  1. Give Them Surprises: As I hinted above, your Email Subscribers are gold. Solid gold. People who give you their email address actually trust you. So treat them like the special people of your business they are! Did you write a great blog post that you can create a handy content upgrade to go with it? Send it to your email list just because! Example: I wrote this blog post awhile back on Creating an Editorial Calendar. In the post I talked about using Excel to create your master calendar but didn’t actually give away my excel sheet in the blog post. But guess who did get my excel sheet? My subscribers! And they loved it! It was just a little way I could show them extra love that day!

There you have it! 9 ways you can implement email marketing in your service based business right now! If I didn’t have to go change diapers or prep for dinner I could probably come up with even more ways. 😉

So tell me, are you interested in the idea of adding email marketing to your strategy? Or are you a service based professional who uses email marketing in a different way than the ideas I shared? I’d love to hear from you!

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  2. Brittany says:

    Megan – reading through your email marketing posts and I am wanting to integrate this better in my own business but would love to know which email marketing service you recommend?


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