You’ve been in business quite some time.

And now there’s a new little dream brewin’

you're a boss.

let's be honest.

You’ve landed the big clients.

You’ve figured out a system that seamlessly cares for and wows your customer.

You’ve built a business that thrives financially.


        you can.

"COULD I turn my expertise into a course & serve MORE people than I can 1:1??"

"COULD I flip what I know & create digital products for a new passive revenue stream?"

"COULD I be on that conference stage helping other biz owners just like me?!"

because bosses take action, right?!

maybe you've EVEN taken steps to start.

You’ve created that Mailchimp account and added the opt-in to your website,

but what now??

 It’s been 3 months and you only have 48 subscribers. 🙈

Isn’t this supposed to be passive?!?

You know it is time to expand in your business so it can continue to grow beyond what you can do in the time you have to serve 1:1, but there is one tiny problem….

You have                  how to grow this new side of your business.

Running a service based business… even a 6 figure one is COMPLETELY different than a digital business. The marketing is different. The distribution is different. And the way you make the sale is light years different since you know… you can’t sit face to face to convince them like you do for your clients.

no idea

i'm going to level with you.

The truth? I’ve known many friends just like you who have built thriving 6 figure service based businesses and were ready to create new passive revenue streams. Photographers. Wedding Planners. Stationers. Designers. Coaches. Consultants. The list goes on. And surprisingly, many of them had a bare bones website while doing it. 

So naturally, they tacked on an education page to their website like they have for every other offering they have and announced it on Instagram only to be confused as to why people weren’t taking them up on their offer. Not even the freebie one!


After 5 years as a service based business owner, I pivoted into the digital space and have spent the last 3 years learning the ins and outs of the passive profit business model. I’ve bootstrapped my way through figuring out email marketing, creating products, learning the psychology behind why people say yes and the copywriting techniques to make it happen. I’ve tested and tweaked and studied conversion. I’ve ran ads and built funnels.

And through it all I’ve learned one big lesson:

You can do all that work...

You can Google all night long to figure out how to design a newsletter or make sales funnels work. You can listen to 326 podcast episodes to get a grip on the whole passive system. You can pour hours and days and months into creating the BEST product.

But NONE of that matters if you can’t get them through the door.

The funnels. The emails. The ads. The Insta strategies. 

None of that matters if your website doesn’t convert.

This is where I come in. I’ve spent 8 years as a service and digital product based business owner learning how to craft a magnetic brand, effective marketing strategies, and the science of conversion online.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned to create a line of website templates that are the first of their kind.

We’ve                         the website template.

We’ve                       the website template.











We obsess over beautiful details just like you and design our templates with the same level of premium quality that we give our custom clients.

are they pretty? yes

so what makes our templates stand out from the rest?

Each MMC website template is intentionally created to help you take your business to the next level and convert on your biggest goals.

They are built to convert.

so if you're ready to:

Book more of your true ideal clients at premium rates

so you can quit taking on the other extra little service work you really don’t like

Stunningly show off your blog posts and content

so your website looks as good as your content is

Consistently grow your email list with engaged and excited subscribers

so you can stop letting algorithms cramp your style

Bring in consistent income through passive streams

so you don’t have to constantly be IN your business to make money

Add education to your business so you can host that workshop you’ve been dreaming of

or grace the stage of your favorite conferences

as seen on

what they're saying

"I can't get over how easy it was. Seriously!"

"I can't get over how easy creating my website was! Seriously - the time I spent writing content, etc... was so much better spent and WAY LESS than when I didn't have direction. LOVE how you design so intentionally for conversion! I'm a believer now!"

- Val Marlene, Val Marlene Creative

"since following your advice, I've gotten 3 new inquiries and clients!"

"Thank you for sharing about websites that convert.

Since following your advice on Monday, I reworked my home page and have gotten 3 inquiries and new clients! (What the what?!)"

- Shay Paulson, Merit Media (A mere two days after reworking her site!)

"I will never use anyone other than megan for my website needs again!"

"After a decade in business, I finally have a website that communicates my brand thanks to Megan! Even better? It converts. Since launching less than 3 months ago, I've seen a significant increase in bookings with the BEST clients. I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website needs again!" - Laura Foote

" she helps you navigate and flourish as a creative business!""

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

- Shay Cochrane, SC Stockshop

is my go to

"Megan Martin is my go to girl for anything web design. She is so knowledgeable about how to set up your website in a way that converts to paying clients. And her blogs and emails are so full of information for the creative business owner that if you're not reading those stop what you're doing and subscribe."

- Heather Johnson, HNJ Photos

"her templates are worth their weight in gold."

"Megan has an unparalleled commitment to sharing quality content with her clients and community! Anytime she offers a new class or template, I know it's going to be worth its weight in gold! If you are looking to grow your business through tried and true strategies and plenty of preppy sparkle, then Megan is the boss lady for you.

- Bonnie Bakhtiari, B is for Bonnie Design

get the confetti ready.

you're just a click away from the website of your dreams.

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