step into what makes you and your brand

I help you finally

And sell on auto-pilot with it.







Part Mama. Part Preneur.

Wholly believe that boxes are overrated.

By day I’m a Conversion-Focused Website Designer. I help creative entrepreneurs just like you create online homes that are pretty, yes, but strategically built to convert.

Also by day and every single night and weekends too I’m a Mama of 4.

I’m Part stay at home Mama slingin’ snacks and refereeing toddlers and Part Entrepreneur running a 6 figure online business as a one woman show.

The lesson life keeps teaching me is that:








the magic happens outside the box.

It happens that way in business, too.

When I grew up, I heard the path taught loud and clear: Get good grades, go to college, earn a degree, and get a degree worthy job. The box of life if you will. Most of my friends from grade school fit right in. Me?

Enneagram wasn’t the rage back then, but apparently I didn’t need a personality test result for my 7 to come out strong. Let’s just say I didn’t fit in the box.

My path looked a little more like: Have the time of my life in high school. Quit college after one semester of total boredom. Try out a string of random careers from being an esthetician, selling real estate, and becoming a medical assistant (really!). Get married. Start a Wedding Planning biz on a whim. Bootstrap my way through learning everything about running a business. Drive to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book on Photoshop and another on how to code a website. Discover a big nerdy obsession with learning the intersection of how branding, marketing, and psychology work together to make sales.

Oh yeah… and have 4 kids along the way!

Fast forward to 32 and I’m a work at home mom. I am completely OUT of the box. I love rainbows, glitter, and all things girly and yet I am a total nerd over neuroscience. I can code a custom opt-in form and yet I’m like a 95 year old with most iPhone apps. I’m a stay at home mom of 4 and yet I run a 6 figure online business as a one woman show.

What if it could be different for you?

Boxes are overrated.

There I said it.

But I wasn’t always this sure.

It all started back in the 1st grade. That’s as far back as I can remember at least. It probably started way before then.

The fitting in.

When I was 6 I just wanted to be considered her best friend.

When I was 10 I just wanted to be considered pretty.

When I was 16 I just wanted to be considered loveable.

I have 3 girls and I know them better than I know anyone else. Fitting in isn’t something I taught them to care about.

It is innate within us.

It is this fear, this deep seated lifelong fear, that holds us back from going and doing what we are born to do. It is this ill-born desire that puts us on the same playing field as every single other person in business who “does the same thing as you.”

But what if it could be different?

What if you paved your own path?

What if you quit looking to your right and your left for what forward step to take and just went your own way?

What if you could provide for your family with this dream of a business you have?

What if you could eliminate the competition?

It can happen. On your own terms. In your own way.

step into what makes you and your brand

I help you finally

And sell on auto-pilot with it.







Ready to step outside the box? Let’s go!

Megan Martin is the person to help you understand conversion!

andrea layne

Megan understands the intersection of dynamic branding & conversion.

laura foote

My website now sells for me day and night. I get to be a mom first!

rebecca vann

This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!

marieanna wild

I loved working with Megan and my website really is converting!

kat schmoyer

Thank you for my gorgeous website and for bringing my thoughts to life!

traci huffman

After 5 years as a service based business owner, I pivoted into the product space and have spent the last 3 years learning the ins and outs of the passive profit business model. I’ve bootstrapped my way through figuring out email marketing, creating products, learning the psychology behind why people say yes and the copywriting techniques to make it happen. I’ve tested and tweaked and studied conversion. I’ve ran ads and built funnels.

And through it all I’ve learned one big lesson:

You can do all that work...

You can Google all night long to figure out how to design a newsletter or make sales funnels work. You can listen to 326 podcast episodes to get a grip on the latest marketing trends. You can pour hours and days and months into creating the BEST product. You can spend weeks perfecting the prettiest brand.

But NONE of that matters if you can’t get them through the door.

The Insta strategies. The pinning. The funnels. The emails. The ads. 

None of that matters if your website doesn’t convert.

This is where I come in. I’ve spent 8 years as a service and digital product based business owner learning how to craft a magnetic brand, effective marketing strategies, and the science of conversion online.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned to create a line of website templates that are the first of their kind. And I've taught thousands of creatives how to leverage the pages of their websites and sales pages to convert on auto-pilot.

A conversion-focused girl

In a pretty loving world.

I love pretty, too.

But it takes more than pretty branding and fancy website details to make the sale. 

I'll help you create a website that is pretty, yes,

but built to convert.

as seen in:

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i'm convinced

There's something a little rebellious about navy and black together. Most people would NEVER. Can't change my mind. Can't stop won't stop.

I live outside the box, remember?

Navy and Black really

do go together.

I'm sure that

Meet my three doll babies: Kennedy, Esley, and Claire. They are the sweetest of sisters. We call them all "Sissy."

I can't wait to watch them grow up together and see their friendship grow deep!

The sweetest smell 

is a newborn.

i'm certain

If you pass a Chick-Fil-A before 10:30am, you just have to stop for a 4-count chicken mini pack. Even if you just ate breakfast.

Better make room!

You have to stop

at Chick-Fil-A for minis.

it's true

Rainbows are my thing. Not only do I love the look of COLOR, but the rainbow has a deeply significant meaning in my life and story. One day I'll tell you the whole thing face to face and slowly over coffee.

This isn't just a brand

I literally live in a rainbow.

I'm positive

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something special about a Mama and her baby boy.

I love all my babies, but the Mama and son relationship is just different. Crew melts my heart! 

There is something

about a Mama + boy.

i'll always

No pushing messes to the side. No hiding what is really going down to make myself look like I have it all together.

In fact I'll probably overshare. So just be warned if you follow me on Instagram, mmkay?

Share the real real

here and on social.


Yeah you read right. November 1st. You'll never convince me to stop decorating before Thanksgiving. I'm much more thankful surrounded by twinkle lights and think one month is just not enough of the most magical season!

With Christmas.

And I decorate November 1st.

i choose

No amount of money, stuff, accolades, notoriety, or adventures are worth sacrificing our relationship. There was a time J & I felt like we were just room mates so we made a BIG life change. You can learn more about our story and unconventional choice here

Marriage first.

Nothing trumps that.

i value

We want the best for our kids, but we value cultivating character through kindness, respect, and love over performance in this family. I don't care about their grades.

I care about raising adults who care about others. 

Cultivating kindness 

above performance.

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