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When I ask entrepreneurs what their biggest struggle is when it comes to marketing, "How to be consistent?" wins by a landslide. ALWAYS. "What to write about?" is a close 2nd. Marketing doesn't have to be so hard. You just need a plan!

Get access to the recording where i'll break down my system for planning content that converts on my sales goals!

you + me + 2 hours of strategy in this highly praised workshop recording!

I'll show you how to generate ideas your ideal customer actually wants to consume, how to map them out, and how to stay consistent in your content marketing efforts so they don't think you fell off the planet! And I'll show you how I use social, email, pinterest, and blogging together to generate massive website traffic.


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Join me for a 2-hour workshop where we will work through how to plan your content marketing for 2019 so you can actually start hitting those sales goals. I've put 7 years of learning magnetic branding, effective marketing, and the science of conversion into this master class and can't wait to finally help you wave goodbye to the struggle!

goodbye to
the marketing

i got you.

Let's create a consistent marketing plan, together.

and kick off 2019 with confidence!

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creating content people want

Figure out once and for all how to create content your audience and ideal customers actually want to consume. You'll never feel like you're adding to the noise again when you are serving your people well!

map it all out

Take a peek over my shoulder and see how I plan out content for both my service based business and product based business to hit my sales goals. Yes, this workshop is applicable to both biz types!

the consistency plan

Learn how to get consistent once and for all in your marketing game. Hint hint: Less is more. I'll show you why! And I'll share just what parts I outsource to help me stay on top. 

platform strategy

I'll also walk you through how I use social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging together to generate new leads and convert in the short term, while simultaneously always playing the long game.

no pitch 2 hour recorded workshop

We did this live style so you can see exactly how I make all this marketing magic work and chime in to ask plenty of questions. And I definitely won't pitch you a million dollar course at the end HA!

ample q&a time

My marketing plan shouldn't be your exact marketing plan. That's why this is workshop style. I want to hear about your specific needs and help you create ideas to hit your unique goals!

lifetime recording access

Can't make it live but still want to learn what we cover in the workshop? NBD! You can watch the recording over your next cup of coffee and take plenty of notes. And if you show up, you'll get the recording too! Win!

my google doc content templates

These handy templates are great to help you keep all those marketing touch point eggs organized and is a great tool for when you start outsourcing some of this stuff!

"Megan has an unparalleled commitment to sharing quality educational content with her clients and community! As an industry educator, she goes above and beyond to pour into the creative community and anytime she offers a new class or template, I know it's going to be worth its weight in gold! If you are looking to grow your business through tried and true strategies and plenty of preppy sparkle, then Megan is the boss lady for you."

bonnie bakhtiari

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

shay cochrane

"Working with Megan is always such a joy! She is one of the most organized speakers I have worked with - quick to respond, always over-delivering on the quality of work & incredibly open & honest with those in attendance. She provides challenging content, never holds back on what works & what doesn't work & I'd highly recommend adding her to your next conference - whether it be online or in person!!"

kat schmoyer

"Megan is a person who I would truly recommend for anything. I call her my "creative unicorn" because if there's a project that needs vision, styling, researching or vetting, she can rock it out. As an educator, she's the first to talk about the things everyone really wants to discuss but are too afraid to say. As a designer, she creates products that sell and are beautiful to boot."

laura foote

"Megan is the type of person who not only can inspire and encourage you, but can challenge you to take the next step with confidence. She's an incredible activator & able to execute on her vision quickly and with such skill. With each interaction Megan has the ability to build and strengthen relationships & highlight those in the industry with a voice needing to be shared. If you have the opportunity to work alongside her, know that you're in for a treat and to be wow'ed!

lauren carnes

get the confetti ready.

we're about to master this content planning thing together!

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