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When I ask entrepreneurs what their biggest struggle is when it comes to marketing, "How to be consistent?" wins by a landslide. ALWAYS. "What to write about?" is a close 2nd. Marketing doesn't have to be so hard. You just need a plan!



I'll show you how to generate ideas your ideal customer actually wants to consume, how to map them out, and how to stay consistent in your content marketing efforts so they don't think you fell off the planet! And I'll show you how I use social, email, pinterest, and blogging together to generate massive website traffic.


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Join me for a 2-hour workshop where we will work through how to plan your content marketing for 2019 so you can actually start hitting those sales goals. I've put 7 years of learning magnetic branding, effective marketing, and the science of conversion into this master class and can't wait to finally help you wave goodbye to the struggle!

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Let's create a consistent marketing plan, together.

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creating content people want

Figure out once and for all how to create content your audience and ideal customers actually want to consume. You'll never feel like you're adding to the noise again when you are serving your people well!

map it all out

Take a peek over my shoulder and see how I plan out content for both my service based business and product based business to hit my sales goals. Yes, this workshop is applicable to both biz types!

the consistency plan

Learn how to get consistent once and for all in your marketing game. Hint hint: Less is more. I'll show you why! And I'll share just what parts I outsource to help me stay on top. 

platform strategy

I'll also walk you through how I use social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging together to generate new leads and convert in the short term, while simultaneously always playing the long game.

no pitch 2 hour recorded workshop

We did this live style so you can see exactly how I make all this marketing magic work and chime in to ask plenty of questions. And I definitely won't pitch you a million dollar course at the end HA!

ample q&a time

My marketing plan shouldn't be your exact marketing plan. That's why this is workshop style. I want to hear about your specific needs and help you create ideas to hit your unique goals!

lifetime recording access

Want to watch and re-learn what we cover in the workshop? NBD! You can watch the recording over your next cup of coffee and take plenty of notes. If we make any updates to the material, you'll get those, too!

my google doc content template

This handy template can help you keep all those marketing touch point eggs organized and is a great tool for when you start outsourcing some of this stuff!

I can't get over how easy creating my website was! Seriously - the time I spent writing content, etc... was so much better spent and WAY LESS than when I didn't have direction.

I LOVE how you design so intentionally for conversion! I'm a believer now!

Val Duvick

Megan designs intentionally for conversion. I'm a believer now!

Since launching, I've received so many compliments on our new website. I'm seeing double the number of website visits and my bounce rate has improved quite a bit.

If you are on the fence about investing, stop! This will be one of the best investments you make this year!

Jessica Aiken

This will be one of the best investments you make this year!

After a decade in business, I finally have a website that communicates my brand thanks to Megan!

Even better? It converts. Since launching less than 3 months ago, I've seen a significant increase in bookings with the BEST clients. I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website needs again!

laura foote

I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website again!

When I was gearing up for the launch of my signature course, I knew I needed to have a killer sales page and Megan's template was hands down one of the best decisions I made. I was able to exceed my launch goal by 25% on a brand new product to a very niche audience. I would highly recommend any of Megan if you're ready to step up your website game and start converting!

heather o'brien

I exceeded my launch goal by 25% on a brand new product!

Because of Megan, my website really is converting. I'm now able to boldly tell my ideal customer who I am, what I'm doing, and all the services that I offer in a way that is unique to my brand story.

It really shows them every step they need to take throughout the website experience!

kat schmoyer

I'm able to boldly tell my ideal customer who I am and what I offer!

I am so in love with every page. You honestly nailed this Megan!!

The colors are truly my favorite. I can't even handle how perfect this is! Thank you thank you thank you. This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!

marieanna wild

This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!

I love my site so much and the video tutorials in your Showit Off! Master Class are everythinggg!!

Thanks for all you do!!

jess becker

I love my site so much and the video tutorials are everythinggg!!

straight from my customers


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