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I teach creatives and entrepreneurs how to turn what they know, love, do, and are passionate about into what they can sell through digital products like online courses, downloads, templates, and more.

I've helped 1,000's of students create sustainable, scalable income online. Now it's your turn!

New to digital products and selling online? START HERE! This is THE action-based course you need to walk you step-by-step through creating your offer all the way through launching it in 30-days (or less!). 

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Revenue Ripple™ Go from idea to digital income in 30 days 

Uncover your profitable and irresistible digital product idea.

Name your digital product for marketing and sales success.

Set up your S.M.A.R.T. Sales Funnel so it runs on auto-pilot.

Implement my 30-day launch plan to start making an impact!

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"I haven't been able to take such sweeping steps in the right direction with my digital product until I worked with Megan in Revenue Ripple."

Her system is smart, simple and flows seamlessly and naturally from step to step. The progress I've made in the last 30 days is equal to the amount I've made in the past 6 months!

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Your all-access community for 1,000+ digital biz builders just like you. You're invited in my virtual office to get real time insight to build, grow, and scale your digital offers.

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Digital Lab™ The premier community for digital product creators

Exclusive access to 70+ over my shoulder style lessons.

Downloadable swipe files, templates, worksheets, spreadsheets, and guides.

Monthly Live Strategy Calls, Hot Seats, and Guest Expert Sessions.

Ask questions, get feedback, and grow your digital offers together!

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"Megan has fostered a safe and inclusive community of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who truly support each other."

[This is a] community of creative thinkers who truly support each other in addition to providing easy to follow information to help move the needle in your business.

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Go from digital product idea to income FAST with my easy-to-edit designer suite of Canva templates. You'll get access to my complete set of Signature Digital Product Templates including: 

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Digital Product Drop™ ALL my pro designer Canva templates

Digital Product PDF Guide template with 26 different page styles.

Slide Deck Template with 46 designs for courses, workshops, and webinars.

PDF Workbooks and Worksheets for opt-ins, resources, and more.

Digital Product Planner Pack with 5 styles for you to start selling.

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"Megan's templates are really simple to tweak for my brand and it is so helpful to have such a good variety of templates to choose from!"

I loooooove them!! I was SO glad when you launched these because I've always been drawn towards your eye for design and messaging. This was a no-brainer for me!

amber brogden page | dpd customer