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January Recap & February Business Goals!


Here we are. February 1st! I don’t know if it is just the fact that I didn’t technically start back to the grind till the 2nd week of the month or what, but January flew by! This morning, Jeremy and I sat down to review how January went for the business and get a grip on our February goals and am excited (and nervous!) to share them with you!


January Recap


Here’s a look at what our January goals were and what we accomplished!


01 | Integrate Jeremy Into Team MMC!!!

Jeremy shadowed me for a few days of the month when it made sense to better understand what I do day in and day out and he has a better handle on what he can do to improve our business from a logistical and operational perspective.


This was a major milestone for us in our business and life! J and I have been dreaming, scheming, talking, and planning for years about working side by side and we are here!!


jeremy and megan martin

Our first official day working together! We’ve been dreaming about that day for a long time and it finally came. There was nothing fancy about it. In fact, we didn’t get out of jammies, ate nuked nuggets and leftovers for lunch, and tidied up just like we do every day. But it was perfect. Blissfully and uneventfully perfect. Because J and I officially started working as a TEAM! He sat beside me all day as I added the final touches to a new product launching that week and worked through the priority tasks on my list while our babies played in the background with their Jen (aka their nanny that Esley lovingly calls “My Jen” 😍). We’ve been hoping to work together forever and today was the first day. Here’s to a whole lot more of these days beside my best friend with the cutest background noise you ever did hear!


02 | Fully move over to ClickUp

We said bye bye to Trello for good! All of our back end business and client design projects will now be managed with ClickUp! I’ve been asked a few times on Insta for a ClickUp run down, why we chose it over Trello and Asana, and how I’m using it in my business, so I’ve got that on my list of posts to create here soon!


03 | Finalize What Offerings Need to Be Removed from MMC

I’m feeling MUCH better since working through a plan for what needs to stay and what needs to go. We’ve quietly removed a few things already because not every business decision needs a big announcement, but we are going to carefully watch what happens in Q1 to help us make final chopping block decisions.


04 | Write a New Email Funnel

I made progress here but didn’t get this completed in January. On the February list it goes! I spent a ton of time building out the Creative at Heart Sales Page for Round 9 (among other pages!) to fully finish the entire website project, and clients always come first!


05 | First Monthly Learn Day!

Unfortunately, my first monthly learn day didn’t go quuuuuuiiiite as planned. I had a huge headache that day and really struggled to get focused enough to learn. So I’m going to re-schedule it for next week!


January really took us by surprise in terms of audience growth and financial traction. I can hardly believe it, but 6,173 people got January’s 1 Year Business Planner Guide & Workbook. That’s over 6,000 friends who worked to evaluate where they were so they could make attainable and profitable goals in 2019 with confidence! Pinch me!



February Goals


Here’s a look at what Team MMC will be focusing on in February!


01 | Finish our new Email Funnel

I’ve got about 70% of this bad boy written, so I’ll be working on finishing up the copy and then setting it all up at the start of the month.


02 | Build our Affiliate Program!

EEEEEE!!!! This is so exciting/nervewracking/fun/terrifying! All the things. But we are really excited to be able to offer our loyal customers and brand cheerleaders the ability to partner with us as affiliates for the MMC shop! In December, I hired THE Affiliate Program Expert, Zoe Linda, to build us out a strategy unique to our goals and she slayed! She delivered 16 pages of an in-depth plan and set us up with a workflow in our project management system. Now Jeremy will start the process of building it all out!


03 | New Website Templates

I can’t give away all my secrets here, but I will be BTS this month working on our next set of Showit Website Templates! There’s a little long time dream comin’ to life along with it and I can’t wait to divulge all the details! EEE!


04 | The Business Intensive: Round 2! (and Round 3!)

On February 18th, I’ll be heading to Charleston, South Carolina with my business bestie, Kat Schmoyer, to host the second Business Intensive! This time we are extending the intensive with a 3rd day and having a giant sleepover in the prettiest AirBnB. Follow along on social media to see all the fun!


We are also prepping the details for Round 3 coming this Fall! Interested in joining us for Round 3? Get on the wait list HERE! There’s only 8 spots available, and the wait list will be the first to know all the details!


The Business Intensive with Kat Schmoyer and Megan Martin


05 | Monthly Learn Day

This month I’ve got one more course on copywriting from Copy Hackers that I will finish on the last Wednesday of the month… and of course, I’ll finish the other next week! Grace 😉 


Can’t wait to see these goals turn into memories! Cheers to a fun February!


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