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i had the passion, but lacked a plan for profit. So i set out to create a simplified system to help me finally start seeing real growth.

get a grip on your business and finally start seeing real results.

In this 41 page downloadable guide, I'm breaking down my system of evaluating your business major foundations of Offerings & Customer Experience, Systems & Workflow, Marketing, and Sales & Finances and how to use what you have to create attainable and profitable goals so you can finally start seeing the growth you've been dreaming of.

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I've been there. The end of another year. Questioning whether or not running this business and alllll the time I put into it is worth it. My bank account doesn't think so. But my heart? It is still in the game.

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The easy to understand system I use to evaluate my business and create profitable goals in the 4 major foundations: Offerings & Customer Experience, Systems & Workflow, Marketing, and Sales & Finances.


Get a grip on your business with my signature 5 step evaluation and get the exact planning system and worksheets I use to break down planning for the year to hit my sales goals!

4 printable worksheets

You'll get 4 pretty printable worksheets to help you map out your sales goals, project plans, team member roles, and content ideas for the next year. I'm putting mine in a Kate Spade binder, of course!

12 month marketing map google sheet

Get access to The Monthly Marketing Map, a Google Sheet template to help you put all the pieces together, track your results, and finally start seeing progress in your business!

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*By purchasing this guide, you agree and understand that Megan Martin Creative retains the sole copyright to all content included. No part of this guide, in full or in part (including your altered workbook), may be sold, leased, loaned, assigned, transferred or given away.

My 5 step evaluation process to put a pulse on what went well in your business last year and what can improve for the next.

How to figure out what you should focus on this year with attainable goals for profitable progress you can track!

How to put all the planning pieces together on a monthly basis to track your results & finally start seeing the growth you've been dreaming about!

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