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you've got questions. 

learn how to create passive profit in your business.

"What should I sell? How will I know someone will want it? How do I get people to buy without feeling like an internet cheese ball? Sales funnels say whattt? What is that and please someone, anyone just share how to actually build one in plain English!"

Ring a bell? I've got answers. Like ones you can actually understand!

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creating passive profit guide

The gurus: "Passive Profit! Create it! Work 4 hours! It is gonna be greeeeeaaat!" You: "OKAY COOL! Wait what? How are you actually making money? This is SO CONFUSING!"

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After 2 years of growing a digital download passive product shop and 5 years of studying branding and marketing, I'm breaking down the entire passive profit system that can only be found here.

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You know me ;) Always being extra when it comes to design! But seriously, this jam packed PDF guide is intentionally designed to be both beautiful and easy-to-read. Download it. Print it. Save it! Oh snap!


You'll learn what passive profit is (and what it isn't), how to determine what to sell, how to validate your product ideas, my go-to tools for setting up shop, and finally understand how to create sales funnels!

4 PAGE sales funnel builder WORKBOOK

With the guide, you'll also get access to The Sales Funnel Builder Workbook, a 4 Page Workbook that will finally help you put all the puzzle pieces together and start scaling your passive revenue!

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*By purchasing this guide, you agree and understand that Megan Martin Creative retains the sole copyright to all content included. No part of this guide, in full or in part (including your altered workbook), may be sold, leased, loaned, assigned, transferred or given away.

The lowdown on what makes a successful passive product. Never second guess what to sell or if someone will buy it again!

What the ever elusive sales funnel actually is and a complete breakdown of each step of the customer purchasing journey.

The exact plan I use to map out what to sell, how to sell it, and create automated systems to make money in my sleep! 

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