How to Rock Lifestyle Styled Stock Photography in your Brand
How to use Lifestyle Styled Stock Photography in your Creative Brand

How to Rock Lifestyle Styled Stock Photography in Your Brand

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A couple months ago we launched our big collaboration with the SC Stockshop, the Lifestyle Collections. I had been dreaming for months and months over creating this type of imagery for the styled stock photography genre and am so excited Laura Foote and I got to partner with Shay Cochrane and her hit shop!

It has been so fun seeing you start to grab them for your business, so I wanted to share a little bit about the vision behind the collaboration and how you can effortlessly use lifestyle styled stock images in your own visual brand and marketing efforts!

Y’all know I love me some flat lay styled stock images. They have been huge in my visual brand identity. I bought this Brand Builder set about 4 years ago and still use it extensively in my online presence. You could say I have gotten every single penny and then a lot more out of that investment! Just take a look around, it won’t take you long to start seeing these images everywhere you look!


Stock Images by SC Stockshop

So why do I need lifestyle images? Well, glad you asked. 😉

The whole vision for this project came from a growing need and gap I continued to see in my own marketing strategy. As an online business, the need for consistent content to connect and drive sales is huge. Blog content with those Pinterest worthy vertical images, Instagram content with an eye catching square snap to stop their scroll, Facebook content that compels them to actually click, Email campaigns that stand out in the crowd…. Content, content, and more content.

And that doesn’t even touch the visual side of our businesses that isn’t content based, but still has to be on point while showing you are an actual human and not a robot. Whew!

Summary? That is a whole lotta imagery needs.

And as someone who takes the visual side of her brand experience very seriously, I can’t just use any imagery. It has to be on point with the foundational elements of my brand and look professional. I’m sorry, y’all. I wish there was another way, but if you want to get serious about your digital marketing, your imagery needs to be good. Professional photographer good. And even though I am a perpetual DIYer and learner and get that having a budget is for real, I am not going to sit here and tell you it is alright if your imagery across the board is sub-par. The images alongside your content are the hook. They aren’t what truly sells, that is what the meat and potatoes of content does, but they are absolutely used intentionally as the hook… Aka the compelling reason someone stops to start reading your awesome content.

*Disclaimer: I DO use iPhone snaps on Instagram. I’ve just learned how to make them blend nicely with my pro-shots! I show you exactly how I make that happen in this post!

And though the flat lay absolutely stretches far in usability, there is still a visual gap if you don’t ever change perspective. It is extremely difficult to talk about a human experience with a flat lay images of flowers and accessories. It just doesn’t quite flow. But an image that has a human element in it absolutely works to better connect with the content at hand. Even if you can’t see a face, the mere inclusion of a human touch to an image makes it powerful.

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Professional lifestyle styled stock imagery along with styled flat lay imagery gives you a full scope of options to use to present your brand beautifully and with the same polish as your favorite big brands with lots of marketing dollars!

Our Lifestyle Collections include a fully styled office, a fully styled “lounge” or seating area, zoomed in details of each concept for perspective and actual women coordinating with the look! We have lighter and darker skin tone variations available so you can choose an option that best represents you.

So how can you incorporate styled stock images in your online presence?

Styled Stock Office Photos:

The SC Stockshop Lifestyle Collection in Black and White

SC Lifestyle Black and White Collection

These are great for a variety of things, but a couple ideas come to mind. Use them alongside your copy when you are talking about what you are working on for the day!

Want to post on social media about your latest and greatest blog post? You know the one you worked really hard on (like hours and hours ha!). Highlight it to the nines by taking a screenshot and clipping it onto a blank screen!

Styled Stock Lounge Photos:

The SC Stockshop Lifestyle Collection in Blush

SC Lifestyle Blush Collection

When you are talking about welcoming clients into your experience, I can’t think of a better scene than a pretty and inviting seating area!

This concept really came from my desire to make people feel “welcome in” even though I can’t actually sit down with them in person as an online business. I craved imagery that felt comfortable and showed my intention for a caring experience! You can overlay your logo on a pretty blank pillow stock photo to make it look custom to your brand!

Simply Jessica Marie showcases SC Stockshop Lifestyle Stock Photography

Beautiful SC Stockshop showcase by Simply Jessica Marie!

I also REALLY love this concept for my artist pals. Trying to find a way how to show your beautiful paintings would look in your customer’s living room? Place your design above the settee and boom! Instant mock up!

Styled Stock Human Photos:

The SC Stockshop Lifestyle Collection in White

SC Lifestyle White Collection

Again this concept really works well when you are trying to connect on a human level with your customers (That is the beauty of being a small business owner after all! You are a real person!).

Here are a few ideas right off the bat:

Images with mugs – Overlay your logo or custom designs for your shop. Or do you gift a little mug to your clients that matches your brand? Overlay that design right here!

Images with screens – Same idea with the desktops, but you can feature your latest blog post, fun news, or great features by overlaying a snapshot of your work on these images with a woman holding a phone!

In my post talking about how the collaboration came to be, you can see how I used a vertical image of a woman leaning into her desk writing. My blog post title was “Leaning into Community over Competition” and you can bet that choosing that image for the post feature was very intentional! To drive home the point, your imagery needs to connect to the concept of your content and lifestyle imagery does that in a powerful way!

Our Hot Pink Collection is launching next and I can’t wait for you to see! 

These are just a handful of what seems like unlimited ways you can use these high-quality stock photos to elevate your content and online home!

We can’t wait to see how you bring them to life for your brand! Be sure to use the hashtag #scstockshop so we can cheer you on!

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