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❓ What should I sell?⁣⁣
❓ How will I know someone will want it?⁣⁣
❓ Where should I start if I have no audience?
❓ What if I feel like a grandma with technology?
❓ How do I get people to buy without sounding like an internet cheese ball?⁣⁣
❓ Sales funnels say whattt? What is that and please someone, anyone just share how to actually build one in plain English!

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I’ve been there. Right in your shoes. I pivoted from a 100% service based business in 2016 to the digital model selling templates, summits, and creating courses. I spent month after frustrating month trying to figure out the sales funnel system (and what the heck all these words mean) on my own. But you don't have to! I'm breaking it all down in this free class.

"I love how Megan shares tips and ideas....but the fact that they are actually proven methods that Megan has tried herself speaks volumes.

She isn't just pushing something that she doesn't believe in or hasn't tried she is truly in this and sharing it real time!"

Ruth Pitt, Wedding Planner

"Megan has an unparalleled commitment to sharing quality content with her clients and community! Anytime she offers a new class or template, I know it's going to be worth its weight in gold!

If you are looking to grow your business through tried and true strategies, then Megan is the boss lady for you!"

Bonnie Bakhtiari, Brand Designer & Educator

You'll learn the true key of a successful digital revenue stream (hint: it isn’t a sales funnel, cool software, or even your passion).

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the key to creating a successful digital biz

I'm divulging every marketing guru’s best-kept secret… and how continuing to believe it is hurting your potential for growth in business.


Learn the same step-by-step formula I teach inside The Digital Lab to help you create, launch, sell, and scale digital products with confidence!

The 5 core elements of the digital biz model

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                                     A conversion-focused website designer for creative entrepreneurs and Mama of 4!

With 10 years experience in biz running a 6 figure digital download shop, speaking at conferences, collaborating with dream brands, & booking 5 figure custom design clients, I share all that I've learned (and what I continue to learn!) about building a magnetic brand, effective marketing, and the science of conversion.








Over the past 5 years, I’ve been building a digital business

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