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Welcome to Showit 5. A magical unicorn disguised in a powerful No-Code Website Builder. wink wink. Showit 5 has been a game changer for the website experience I can create for my customers and my bottom line. So much so that I could create an entire product line of website templates that are so easy to use!

But like any tool, it takes time to master the program so you can confidently create the site of your dreams. I got you.

you + me + the ultimate showit 5 training series in over 20 screen-share videos

Showit has plenty of helpful articles for designing your site, but what if you want to do more? In over 20 easy to digest training videos, I'll show you how to create almost anything you can imagine in Showit, perfectly branded to boot.


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In this exclusive MMC Master Class, I'm breaking down everything you need to know about building a site in the Showit platform from getting started with the program all the way through more advanced editing including customizing your newsletter opt-in forms, adding a fully functional shop, and more in over 20 video trainings!


it's that easy.

And I'll show you how step by step!

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intro to showit 5

Look over my shoulder as I explain how to get your bearings in the Showit 5 platform. You'll learn how everything is organized so you can easily edit your site.

branding your site

In these 3 screen-share sessions, I'll show you how to make your Showit site fully on brand with your domain, favicon, site name, colors, custom fonts, type settings, and adding to your media library.

editing your site

In these 6 screen-share sessions, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about editing your Showit 5 site so you can truly make it your own!

Insta Link Page how to

In this session, I'll show you how to create an Instagram link page in your Showit 5 Website and how to optimize it for increased click throughs! I'll also show you how to create an Insta widget, too!

seo simplified

Learn how to optimize your Showit 5 website site for search engine ranking. Don't freak. It is SUPER easy!

embedding code

Learn everything you need to know about embedding code and the specs to make it look good on both desktop and mobile - think newsletter forms, video, 3rd party contact forms, and etc!

Custom Newsletter styling

In these screen-share sessions, I'll walk you through multiple ways to fully customize your opt-in newsletters for both ConvertKit and MailChimp without pulling you hair out! It is easy-peasy!

adding a fully FUNCTIONAL shop

Learn how I have created a fully functional shop on the Showit platform and the workarounds I use to have complete control over the customer shop experience (I don't share these anywhere else!)!

get the confetti ready.

you're just a click away from showin' off your fancy site!

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