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The truth about Social Media Algorithm Blues and how to master Email Marketing in your Creative Small Business

Social Media Blues and How to Master Email Marketing


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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably had at least 1 to over 20 headaches in the past 12 months alone surrounding the ever-changing platforms of social media. Just when you think you have one figured out and start to get in a groove, they change something… big time. Remember the great Instagram apocalypse of 2016? People were hiding their kids and wives and posting “Turn on Notifications” in sheer hopes that the evil Instagram zombies wouldn’t get them for good. And all along Email Marketing, the quiet one in the room continues to grow and expand for the smart companies who know it’s powerful customer converting potential.

The truth about Social Media Blues and how smart business owners adapt with Email Marketing

It seems like just every couple months Facebook continues to evolve and we are all left scratching our heads as to how to keep up. Algorithms, advertising, boosting, and silent blocking, oh my! And then there are the bandwagon social platforms that all the cool kids join so we get pressured into doing even more. I’m looking at you Periscope, Snapchat, and Google Plus.

Sooner or later the connect section of our websites have 19 social media buttons and maybe 1 post on each of them every 9 months. I wouldn’t call that very social!

So what do we do? We choose simplicity over overwhelm and pour our efforts into 2 to 3 platforms where our target market actually is. I salute you, girl.

But what I see far too often is the bitter outcry of small business owners every time those mean ‘ole publicly traded corporations choose to change something for reasons we can’t possibly understand for masses of the millions. Or for that profit thing.

Yes, it hurts our businesses deeply. Yes, it stinks to not have a fully free unicorn utopian social media platform that all the world’s small biz owners can capitalize on and make all the money. But at the end of the day, we (you + me + mega corporations where we market our gigs) all have our skin in the game to run a business.

Let me paint a little picture. You know your favorite bloggers who snap and post those oh so beautiful, trendy, and inspiring images daily to the square sharing social hub and tag that “little” handy tool and others like it? That’s called Influencer Marketing and it blew the roof in 2016 with an estimated $1 Billion plus income generating industry niche. And guess who didn’t make a dime of that sweet billy… Instagram.

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I’m not playing the fairness game, but any smart business owner or board room would look at those returns and say we better find a way to get in on that deal and make serious changes. I hope you would, too!

So after shaking my social media 8 ball, I’m here to tell you the ominous news: Your favorite “free” social marketing spots are going to change. They are absolutely going to make your marketing life as small business owners and mega corporation CEO’s alike a living you know what and a royally expensive pain in the booty to promote your business. Because at the end of the day, alllllll that work that you did to grow your presence on their platform is unfortunately not actually yours. They own that coveted list of cultivated followers and have the power to make you do whatever necessary to reach them.

Instead of fearing the imminent world end of social media marketing as we know it, we have to get smart and play strategically. We can figure out the latest ways to beat the odds (think Instagram Pods!) and ultimately put a little money where it counts in advertising investments. But we can also take our dad’s wise advice and not put all our eggs (even our marketing ones) in one basket.

Indeed, marketing is not exclusively equal to social media. Social media is, in fact, a fab and fun way to market your business, but it isn’t the only way to market your business. Networking, Collaborating, Print Media, Advertising, and etc. are just a few other ways you can and should market your business.

And you don’t have to look far to see a certain digital basket that every major creative educator celebrity invites you in, talks about, and creates courses around: Email Marketing. Why? Because unlike those mean ‘ole social platforms who own your hard brand building work, YOU own your email list. Your email marketing software of choice may go south or a better one may come to the surface, but no matter which one you choose, you own your list at the end of the day. You can move that list to any email marketing software of your choice at any time.

I can just hear you now:

But Megan I don’t have time for ANOTHER online platform to master…
I’m a service based not product based business owner so Email Marketing doesn’t make sense for me…
No one buys my stuff when I send out emails!
I don’t know what to write about!
Everyone says I need one of those fancy Email Opt-Ins, but I HAVE NO IDEA how to make one or what in the world TO make…
Emails aren’t as pretty as say Instagram, so will people even pay attention?

I hear you I hear you. It is yet another basket, but this one of the baskets you need to really care about along with your smart overall marketing strategy. And instead of just telling you to care, I am here to help you actually take action in your business and give you the know how to make this powerful digital marketing resource work like a boss for you.


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