You're a Creative Small Business Owner.

You're tired of the rat race of keeping up appearances everywhere (Instagram, Facebook, Emails, Snapchat, and more OH MY!)... only to be left burnt out.

You're wondering if you'll ever be able to figure out how to get in front of the right buyers without losing your mind.

You’ve been Google searching your way around the digital neighborhood, only to hit dead ends left and right.

Maybe you’ve fit together your skills to create a system that works, but doesn’t “work it.”

You’re ready for someone to shoot you straight (and maybe even sick of all the fluff).

I’ve been there too. Let's flip the script.

welcome, friend!
you're in the right place if...

oh hey!

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but first.

take a deep breath.

ahh. now i'm ready

it's not your fault.

Our industry is NOISY. they say "you need more followers!" and "pay me $197 to get my secrets to 6 figures in 60 days!"


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man, that felt good! keep clickin' cause i'm gonna let you in on a secret (for free)

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More followers + more likes + more engagement + perfect pictures DOES NOT equal profitability. 

It just makes you more popular and better looking.

Friend, you don't need more followers to stand out in a saturated market.

You don't need a higher count of likes.

You need to intentionally position yourself in front of the right buyers.

The kind that values what you have to offer (and YOU!).

And then cultivate those relationships. 

You're just going to keep spinning your wheels until you learn how to connect all these branding and marketing dots to actual sales with your ideal clients.

more vs. right


I'm Megan, a Branding and Marketing Strategist for creative industry women.

I spent 5 years serving clients as a wedding planner and brand designer, and now I share all that I learned (and what I continue to learn!) about building a magnetic brand, effective marketing, and the science of conversion.

My mission is to show you how to use the tools we have to grow your brand online and position it in front of the right buyers so you can focus on what makes you profitable & the things you love! 

I promise to keep it real and relevant around here to help you make it happen!


this is as formal as it'll get...

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you've got the skills. i'll help you put them in front of the right buyers

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