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Success stories and words of praise from course students, template customers, blog readers, and industry peers from all over the globe. It means the world, y'all!

"Since launching, I've received so many compliments on our new brand and site. I'm seeing double the number of website visits and my bounce rate has improved quite a bit.

Megan is a website goddess and I'll be forever grateful for her and getting my business back to who we are!

Her responsiveness, cheering you on attitude and just straight up creative talent is everything! If you are on the fence about investing in one of her templates or courses, stop! This will be one of the best investments you make for 2019! I'll forever be grateful to you Megan for helping our business have the website it deserves!"


Jessica Aiken, Wedding Planner

"Before Megan's course, my website was bare bones. It was done but nowhere near what it could have been or what I wanted it to be.

Now, my story and personality shine on every single page! Before learning these concepts, my site was just ok. But I wasn't proud to show it off. Now I'm so confident, I can't wait for everyone to see it!!"

Alexandra Beauregard, Productivity Specialist 

"Before Megan's template and course, I was clueless and confused about how my website could really help sell for me.

After finishing, I booked 2 weddings within 1 week of launching! I’m empowered and in the driver's seat and I've booked multiple clients that say they felt like they knew me and couldn't wait to book just from visiting the site!"

Jenn Pochobradsky, Wedding Planner

"Reading your blogs are like talking to my best friend... You completely understand and can relate as a business owner really well.

I enjoy it not only because it's relatable but also as it is practical and loaded with helpful tips!"

Keva Stephens, Linen Rental Company

"I purchased Megan's course because I was curious about her conversion strategy. I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a corporate background in Marketing, but I am always looking to expand my knowledge.

Megan's course is GOLD in a sea of online courses. It felt like finding the needle in a haystack. Megan is SO knowledgeable and her Marketing strategies align with many concepts that I had during my undergrad education.

Before taking Websites that Convert I can honestly say I was skeptical, but after finishing I walked away with principles and strategies that were put into practical ways I could apply in my business! I seriously loved the course!" 

Megan's course is GOLD in a sea of online courses. I seriously loved it!

Kristen Neiditch, Photo Editor

"Megan Martin is my go to girl for anything web design. She is so knowledgeable about how to set up your website to convert to paying clients.

Her blog and emails are so full of information for the creative business owner that if you're not reading those stop what you're doing and subscribe to her email list."

Heather Johnson, Photo Editor

because of megan, my website really is converting!

Kat Schmoyer, Conference Host


Andrea Layne, Business Strategist

"Megan Martin Creative has such an inspiring blog. I look forward to opening those e-mails every single day and reading about all of the relatable content she shares.

She may not know it, but she has helped me be more confident when sharing my business with others!"

Julie Warner, Brand Designer

"The MMC blog is one of the only blogs I read. I love how the blog shares tips and ideas....but the fact that they are actually proven methods that Megan has tried herself speaks volumes.

She isn't just pushing something that she doesn't believe in or hasn't tried she is truly in this and sharing it real time!"

Ruth Pitt, Wedding Planner

"I can't get over how easy creating my website was! Seriously - the time I spent writing content, etc... was so much better spent and WAY LESS than when I didn't have direction.

I LOVE how you design so intentionally for conversion! I'm a believer now!

Before your template and course, I was overwhelmed by all the education I had consumed and all the options that existed for how to build your website.

After I felt confident in the steps I needed to take and the strategy I wanted to go with in upping the intentionality of my website!"


Val Duvick, Business Coach

"Before taking Megan's course, Websites that Convert, I was unsure of what my website’s job even was.

Now I’ve gained clarity and increased traffic! It taught me how I could actually achieve sales from my website successfully and consistently!"

Alyssa Lane, Phototographer

"Reading Megan's Blog gives me a breath of fresh air to implement into my business.

Her tips are golden and can be applied to any business easily. If you haven't read her blog yet what are you waiting for!"

Shamariah Phillip, Operations & Project Manager

"Before starting Websites that Convert, I mostly only considered how "pretty" the website was. I was very overwhelmed, and didn't know where to start. Now understand that there is so much more that goes into it. Now I look at websites in a whole new way. I'm inspired to look at my website with fresh eyes and see what is working and what isn't."

Patty Schuster, Stationery Designer

"With this being my first crack at creating online education I didn't want to get my hopes up. The numbers said I needed 6 sales to break even. I prayed for 7 to make a little bit of profit and we ended up closing the doors with 47 students inside!

We're absolutely blown away and know without a doubt that TVA wouldn't have been as successful without you. I can't tell you how many compliments I received on the sales page - I was super proud of it! For all of you number gurus - Megan's sales page helped me to have a 42.7% conversion rate. So yeah, to say that I'm grateful to Megan's craft and knowledge is a drastic understatement! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us!!"


Lindsay Lucas, Course Creator & Venue Consultant

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are!

Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

Shay Cochrane, Stock Photography Shop


Laura Foote, Photographer & Educator

MY WEBSITE SELLS FOR ME DAY AND NIGHT! I get to be a mom first!

Rebecca Vann, Photographer & Mentor

"Megan has an unparalleled commitment to sharing quality content with her clients and community! Anytime she offers a new class or template, I know it's going to be worth its weight in gold!

If you are looking to grow your business through tried and true strategies and plenty of preppy sparkle, then Megan is the boss lady for you!"

Bonnie Bakhtiari, Brand Designer & Educator

"Megan asked all the right questions of what my goals were and how I wanted to convert my audience to ensure we were making tweaks that fit my brand. It was amazing to see her knowledge of marketing & conversion add the cherry on top to my new site. Now I am getting new leads for coaching clients through people opting in from my website, creating more potential for revenue & connection!"

Lauren Carnes, Communications Strategist

"When I was gearing up for the launch of my signature course, I knew I needed to have a killer sales page and Megan's template and class was hands down one of the best decisions I made.

Before, I was overwhelmed with the logistics of how to best lay out a page that would quickly and easily convert and allow a great user experience.

By using Megan’s advice, not only was I able to provide an amazing experience, but I was able to exceed my launch goal by 25% on a brand new product to a very niche audience. I would highly recommend any of Megan if you're ready to step up your website game and start converting!"


Heather O'Brien, Stationery Designer 

"Before I joined Websites that Convert, I didn't know how to talk to my ideal client through my website and marketing materials. I felt lost. After taking Megan’s course I had a clear idea of how my potential clients would see the value in my services. It completely changed the way I thought about my website - from just focusing on the "pretty" to analyzing the way I was communicating."

Bri Cibene, Photographer

"Megan is an actual genius when it comes to building a website that converts.

She's been studying this for the last 5 years and has taken all that knowledge to create Websites that Convert, a course to help you build or tweak your website to convert. She is going to help you create conversions on auto-pilot!"

Becky Baker, Wedding Planner

"MMC's templates were such a quick and easy guide to upleveling my client's experience.

As a 10 year small business owner, business has changed so much from when I started, so it was time to do some sprucing up without the overwhelm of starting from scratch!"

Avis Glenister, Wedding Planner

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