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I enjoy it not only because it's relatable but also as it is practical and loaded with helpful tips!"

Keva Stephens, Linen Rental Company

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How to Create a Client Workflow, Creative Entrepreneur, Business Tips, How to Grow your Business, How to book more clients, ideal client, design look book

Let’s talk service workflows. Do you have one laid out for your serviced based business or are you flying by the seat of your pants as you go? Today I want to chat about why a clearly defined client workflow is paramount to your service and how to write one by breaking down the working […]

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How to set appropriate expectations and start your service off in control, client experience, client communication, welcome packet template

Congratulations, girl! You just booked a new client! Let’s pop the bubbly and celebrate that for a moment. Okay, on to the work part. 😉 Before you go jumping straight into step one of your service, let’s cover your bases and make sure you start off your service in control! You may be thinking, but […]

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How to get your dream clients from the inquiry to card swiped, booking clients, client experience, creative entrepreneur

So you want to start booking your dream clients. The ones that set your heart on fire doing the work you love best. But how do you get there? How do you lead them through from the inquiry, the first hello, to practically begging you to sign the dotted line and let you lead them […]

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6 Lessons Chick Fil A Taught me About Business and being a Creative Entrepreneur on Megan Martin Creative

If you’ve met me, you might know about this little habit I can’t seem (nor want!) to shake: Chick Fil A. Specifically chicken minis. If I am in my car before 10:30 am and I happen to be in close proximity to a Chick Fil A, I am magnetically drawn to it. And by close, […]

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When it comes to Client Experience, one of the most crucial and quick steps you can take to up your professionalism in client communication: creating a professional (or .net/.org/.co you get the picture!) email address that you can use straight from your personal inbox by setting up an alias. I use Gmail and love […]

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Well Rounded Welcome Packet to Elevate your Client Experience on Megan Martin Creative, brand, brand design, ideal client, client communication

You just booked a new client! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, let’s celebrate! Second, SLOW your roll, girlfriend! I know the level of excitement that comes with a shiny new booking, but jumping head first into the creative fun is NOT what you should do first! Heading straight from the contract signed to step one of your creative service is […]

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