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How to add a free cookie consent bar to your Showit website to be GDPR compliant

Today we are talking a little bit about cookies. 🍪 Not the dessert kind. The internet-webs kind. Specifically, how to add a cookie consent bar to your Showit website so you can comply with GDPR standards. This app works for any kind of website really, but the implementation would just be a tad different depending […]

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One of the many reasons I LOVE Showit is the sky is the limit on custom tailoring each and every page of your website design for a unique exploring experience for your customers. One of the ways I take full advantage of the Showit drag and drop website builder is through Custom Blog Category Page […]

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how to easily edit as seen in logos to be on brand on your website

If you’ve ever tried to collect logos from your fancy featured press or the clients who have trusted you for some social proof on your website, you may have run into a littttttle issue: How do you put them on your website while staying on-brand? One way? Just save those JPEG logos as is and […]

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2020 Megan Martin Creative Website

Anyone else feel like January was the entire year of 2020? It sure felt that way for me. I’m still in the sweetest world of newborn snuggles, but it isn’t always sweet. The long nights, the hard to settle cries, and the hamster wheel of eat, wake, sleep is REAL. While running the non-stop wheel, I watched quite a […]

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A common mistake business owners make when they first start out and in the building phase is trying to be all things to all people. It makes perfect sense. When you are trying to ramp up your business and make the entrepreneur dream happen, it is only natural to try to do whatever you can […]

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How to nail your website page hook and lead to the sale above the fold

Hooray for new series day! Today I’m kicking off our brand new video series: The Website Conversion Lab! Think unscripted/off the cuff deep dives into my custom work and conversion brain to give you practical advice you can implement immediately to tweak (or create!) your website pages to increase sales and conversions. And today we […]

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how to create a resource library for your Showit Website

A Resource Library is a fabulous way to grow your email list and over-deliver on value for your customers, clients, and website visitors. Today, we are going to walk through how to create a Resource Library to your Showit Website using 2 different methods. There are 2 ways to add a Resource Library to your […]

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A Gated Resource Page Design

Thinking about adding a Resources Page to your website? You’re in the right spot! Before you go whipping up tons of freebies and gathering links, let’s talk about the first decision you need to make: What kind of Resources Page is right for you! In this post, we’re going to break down the 2 types […]

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