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Thank You For Giving Me It All | A Letter to My Biological Mom


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As many of you know, I was adopted at just three days old. Often I get asked if I ever plan to meet my biological mother. The short answer? I don’t. I have a full life. A good life! It’s never really been something that I wonder about. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think of her often. And in fact as I’ve gotten older and have had two children of my own, the magnitude of what she did becomes clearer and my gratitude for her gift grows deeper.

Thank You For Giving Me It All | A Letter to My Biological Mom

Esley and I, Captured by Sarahdipity Photos

So even though I will most likely never meet her, I still want to thank her. To thank every woman who chose, is choosing and will choose giving us babies of adoption it all.

Dear Mom,

I don’t remember the last day we were together, my birthday. I don’t remember looking into your eyes. I don’t remember if you held me close. In fact I don’t really know anything about who you are.

But I love you. I am thankful for you. And I need you to know that you are so brave.

You could have ended what was to come in those early days after discovering the news of me, but you boldly kept me alive. You could have chosen nights out over cocktails with your girlfriends, but you chose nights in for nine months to let me grow. You could have avoided the emotional roller coaster of feeling my little kicks of joy high in your ribs and all the hormonal pregnancy lows, but you endured those moments to carry me through.

You could have prevented the stretch marks, the wider hips, the stomach that will never seem to lay just right, the engorgement and all the changes to your body that serve as a lifelong reminder of your short time with me, but you welcomed them anyways so that I could be. You could have given up in fear of having to enter into the most painful hours of your life through laboring and delivering me and the grueling weeks of recovery to follow, but you pushed through each contraction so that I could enjoy life.

And after it all you could have said no. You could have changed your mind on giving me a better life than what you could provide. You could have rightly decided on keeping me to yourself, but instead you lovingly gave me away and gave me it all.

You gave me parents who longed so deeply for me and love me fiercely. You gave me two siblings to laugh too loudly at the dinner table with and lean on no matter what may come. You gave me a childhood full of learning and adventures and countless days with my best friends.

You gave me my first kiss in the sixth grade, my first love at sixteen, my first heartbreak at nineteen and my first date with the man who swept me off my feet and said, “I Do” on January 1st  three years later. You gave me a passion for creativity, a drive to be an entrepreneur and a thrill of spontaneity.

You gave me two little girls of my own. Eighteen months of growing little lives, riding the twisting emotions, cringing at the changes to my body, bearing the pain of labor and pushing through each contraction all to welcome the most precious gifts in my world.

And I’m saying yes. I am going to give every moment of this life my all and thank you every step of the way.

Were you adopted? I would love to hear if you ever plan to meet your birth mother and how you feel about it all!

Megan Martin

I'm a Mama of 4 who went from college drop out with zero biz savvy to building a 6-figure digital business on my own terms. I share the REAL bts of creating products, building a brand, and scaling for passive profit with courses, memberships, templates, downloads, and more.

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  1. Leslie says:

    So beautiful and inspiring! This makes me ???? you even more!

  2. Caron says:

    My fiancee was adopted and has no plans to meet his birth mom. He, like you, leads a completely full life and loves his adopted parents very much. He has met his birth dad, who reached out to him a few years ago, but wasn’t interested in doing so himself. I love your story and am a big fan of adopting.

  3. Christina Scalera says:

    This is so touching. It’s hard to read because it’s so beautiful Megan, I’m definitely tearing up! I’m so thankful to your mom too <3 the world needs you and these words 1000%

  4. Luisa says:

    This is such a beautiful letter Megan! My husband and I want to adopt a baby one day and this just sealed the deal for me <3 Thank you for sharing!


  5. Dannie says:

    This made my heart burst! As someone who was also adopted, I can really resonate with this! I was adopted as a teen, so I know my birth mom, but still. Very interesting!

    Have you seen the video on Upworthy from an adoptee, posted the other day?

  6. Megan, I absolutely love this – so powerful to read. You’re amazing & I’m grateful for her, as well, because you’re such a light in this world!


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