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You and me. We get each other. Sure, we relish the (few) days of the year when we curl our hair and get dolled up, but let's be real: we're rockin' a bun around here at least 6 days a week.

You've got a biz to run. Babies to feed (pups count, too!). Your time is valuable. The last thing you wanna spend it on is battling website woes.

get ready, mama. you're about to get a stunning website that feels like a trip to the spa. aka ahhhhmazing.

click. swap. drag. drop. it's that easy.

The best part? No hiding in the office for days trying to make your website just right. I've done the hard work for you so you can quickly launch and  squeeze those babes a whole lot longer. With the bun up, of course.

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this template is sold out!

This Exclusive Website Template uses the power of Showit. A No-Code website builder. Seriously. Each template is built to be lightning fast to edit & make it yours. We've put 8 years of learning magnetic branding, effective marketing, and the science of conversion into every page so you can book 'em like a boss. No sweat.


it's that easy.

Welcome to Showit x MMC

launch it with a confetti toss.

template features



easy peasy drag & drop website

This template is powered by Showit, a magical unicorn disguised in a powerful No-Code Website Builder. wink wink. You'll never have to figure out a line of code to make this template yours.

100% customizable

If you can see it, you can click it, swap it, drag, and drop it (like it's hot). Every font, icon, color, image, and detail is 100% easily customizable for your brand with a click of a button.

design built to convert

We obsess over gorgeous details, too. But this template isn't just a pretty face. Each page is strategically built to help you convert. Backed by 8 years of  studying branding, marketing, & the science of conversion.

responsive design

Open Showit. Pop in your template in under 5 seconds (seriously!) and get a fully styled website that looks stunning on every desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

fully integrated wordpress blog

No more separate website and blog, mmkay? Harness the SEO power of Wordpress blog with Showit's WPEnigine integration. That was a lot of fancy words. Basically, you're set on a fab blog.

bonus! showit off! master class

With your exclusive website template purchase, you'll also get access to our ShowIt Off! Master Class. This master class is packed with 17 video tutorials to walk you step by step through starting with Showit. 


No hoop jumping or dark alleys of Google hacking required to have a beautiful website that will land you on the front page of search engines. This. is. seo. for. dummies. (But you're not one, of course!)

lifetime showit support

Along with your Showit membership, you'll get full access to the Showit team for questions, troubleshooting, blog migration, and configuring your domain for launching. You'll  love them!

lifetime template updates

If we make an update to the template, you'll get it delivered to your door... er inbox. ;) You won't ever have to pay another dime to get access to any future revisions! 

rock solid security & backups

Showit takes security seriously. You won't ever have to stress about your website shutting down. The Showit software runs regular design backups every 10 minutes and daily blog backups. Whew!

details exclusive to the bun up

interior service page
services collection
start here page

click to see the pre-designed pages

custom wordpress blog
instagram link page
contact page
interactive portfolio
resource library page
terms & conditions
site credits & 404
3 landing page styles
3 portfolio showcase options
click & swap customizeable icons
styled opt-in forms for convertkit and mailchimp
newsletter pop up
gorgeous interactive details!

little details

drop down menu
instagram widget
custom blog sidebar
testimonials slideshows
"as seen on" logo collage
copy examples to help you know what to say where!

I can't get over how easy creating my website was! Seriously - the time I spent writing content, etc... was so much better spent and WAY LESS than when I didn't have direction.

I LOVE how you design so intentionally for conversion! I'm a believer now!

Val Duvick

Megan designs intentionally for conversion. I'm a believer now!

Since launching, I've received so many compliments on our new website. I'm seeing double the number of website visits and my bounce rate has improved quite a bit.

If you are on the fence about investing, stop! This will be one of the best investments you make this year!

Jessica Aiken

This will be one of the best investments you make this year!

After a decade in business, I finally have a website that communicates my brand thanks to Megan!

Even better? It converts. Since launching less than 3 months ago, I've seen a significant increase in bookings with the BEST clients. I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website needs again!

laura foote

I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website again!

When I was gearing up for the launch of my signature course, I knew I needed to have a killer sales page and Megan's template was hands down one of the best decisions I made. I was able to exceed my launch goal by 25% on a brand new product to a very niche audience. I would highly recommend any of Megan if you're ready to step up your website game and start converting!

heather o'brien

I exceeded my launch goal by 25% on a brand new product!

Because of Megan, my website really is converting. I'm now able to boldly tell my ideal customer who I am, what I'm doing, and all the services that I offer in a way that is unique to my brand story.

It really shows them every step they need to take throughout the website experience!

kat schmoyer

I'm able to boldly tell my ideal customer who I am and what I offer!

I am so in love with every page. You honestly nailed this Megan!!

The colors are truly my favorite. I can't even handle how perfect this is! Thank you thank you thank you. This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!

marieanna wild

This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!

I love my site so much and the video tutorials in your Showit Off! Master Class are everythinggg!!

Thanks for all you do!!

jess becker

I love my site so much and the video tutorials are everythinggg!!

straight from my customers


Showit is a powerful No-Code website builder that uses a true drag and drop platform. You can easily customize this exclusive template with a click of a button!

Click. Swap. Drag. Drop. It is really that easy.


Well, I use Showit ;) I LOVE this website builder. If you can dream it, you can create it. It is magical. Unlike other website builders, Showit is a true drag and drop platform. There are no building blocks to try to fit in and no need to ever look at a line of code. Plus, since it seamlessly integrates with Wordpress for blogging, it wins in SEO!


Showit is a monthly membership based website builder. You can pay monthly or be billed annually.

The price depends on which tier you choose. You will need to select either Tier 2 ($24/month) or Tier 3 ($34/month) for the Wordpress blog and so the Showit team can help you migrate your old blog posts over (win!).

03. how much is showit?

When I say no-code needed, I mean no-code needed! There's NO downloading files, unzipping them, re-uploading them into the dark corners of scary website land, either.

Upon checkout, you'll get an access code to the template. When you login to Showit, it will prompt you to use a shared design. Pop in the code. Website appears!

04. how do i get my website template in showit 5?


This is a magical land of easy peasy click, swap, drag, and drop. You can easily change all font, icons, colors, images, text, and more with a simple click of a button!

05. do i need to know how to code anything?

In short, YES! So easy. 

You don't need to be a coding whiz or have a masters in graphic design to use Showit.

I've done all the hard work for you. And I'll help you get comfortable with the platform with my signature Showit Off! Master Class included with your purchase!

06. is showit 5 easy to use?

Along with your Showit membership, you'll get full access to the Showit team for questions, troubleshooting, blog migration, and configuring your domain for launching.

This is one of the main reasons I love Showit so much. They are SO helpful and no question is... out of the question!

07. what if i need support?

Right now, we do not offer template customization. We've gone above and beyond to help you get from click & swap to confetti toss launch with this template and master classes!

I promise it is easy!

08. will you customize the template for me?

Yes, Showit has built in search engine optimization helpers right in your website builder. Score!

And since it runs with the power of Wordpress, you can rest assured that you are investing in a top of the line online web presence. 

09. is showit 5 seo friendly?

Yes mam!

This template was designed to look stunning on every single screen. In the Showit editor, you'll be able to easily edit your mobile ready website right beside your desktop version.

So simple!

10. is this template mobile responsive?

If you currently have a blog, Showit will migrate your posts (for free!) once you are ready! You won't have to stress about making that techy stuff!

Make sure to leave room on the calendar for the Showit team to migrate your blog. It can take up to 4 business days. 

11. what will happen to my CURRENT blog posts?

get the confetti ready.

you're just a click away from the website of your dreams.

this template is sold out!

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