We are Action-Oriented

We are Innovators

We are Fun & Friendly

We are Adaptable

We Keep It Real

We Love People Well

We are Megan Martin Creative. These words above describe our core. Our heart-beat. What keeps us moving and what lights us on fire! This is how we do things differently.

how we take action

We are Action-Oriented 

We understand how important being Action-Oriented is to meeting the needs of our customers and serving them. We are self-motivated and not afraid to work to deliver results. But we don’t just work for work’s sake. We take action to work smarter not harder so we can focus on what matters: creating valuable tools to help business owners market their brands beautifully, attract and convert their ideal clients, and help bring their dream to life. In our action-focused efforts…

why we innovate

We are innovators

We anticipate where our industry is heading and focus on producing meaningful tools to help move it there and keep our customers on the cutting edge. We want our customers to shine. To stand out in a saturated market. We are self-starters and love the rush of making things happen! But it isn’t just about us…

we are pretty fun!

We are fun & friendly!

We love to enjoy life, take risks, say yes to adventure, and we care about people. We aren’t here to just make a buck, but to encourage and equip our community of women to chase after their dreams and have fun along the way, too! We take the time to connect with our tribe and call them friends (well, besties actually!). To ensure we are always serving them best…

why we adapt

We are adaptable

We move, make shifts, and are willing to adjust for the better of the team & our customers. We focus on keeping systems and strategies as simple as possible. To remain flexible…

keepin' it real since '11

We keep it real

We are honest and open and don’t take decisions to adjust personally. We share the stories of our lives so others know they aren’t alone. We laugh. We celebrate. We support. We encourage. We lend a shoulder and offer a glass of wine. And we always take care to…

the heart of it all

We love people well

At the end of the day, we choose people. We provide for our families, give freely, and create opportunities to spread joy. We are Kingdom focused and approach business with grace. We use our gifts to serve people and glorify God! And this...

where we are going

This is who we are.

Where we are going.

How we are going to get there.

Our heart-beat.

No matter what heights we grow to, this will always remain true. Let’s blaze a trail, create something meaningful, and step into our calling with wild and free hearts! Here’s to us. Here’s to you!