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The struggle is reallllll. You have a biz idea. You start the biz idea. You get a snazzy logo whipped up and then spend 8957594749 hours Googling every last article on how to create a website to sell the biz idea.

What should I put on the Home Page? Who is this About Page about anyways? Is anyone gonna read this? OMG TOO MANY IDEAS!!!!!&*%$!

you launch said website.....


you + me + over 3 hours of my go to strategies. let's do this. #realtalkstyle

"Add some personality," they said. "You just need to find your niche," they write. But what if all that STILL isn't working? Are you confident that your website is designed and crafted to actually attract the people you dream of working with and then convert like a boss? I got you.


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Sit down with me for over 3 hours of coaching style videos to help you create and tweak your website to finally start doing the sales work for you. I've put 7 years of learning magnetic branding, effective marketing, and the science of conversion into every session and am laying it all out for you, #realtalkstyle

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i got you.

The Websites that Convert Master Class

no used car salesy tactics required.


the class


the main goal

How to establish a main goal for your website and why it is the crucial benchmark to a profitable website that converts.

speaking their language

I pinky promise I will not ask you to define what your ideal client drinks at Starbucks. In this session I'll walk you through the actual important details you need to know about your ideal client so you can sell with confidence.

your unique value proposition

In this session we will work through why you need to dig deeper to create a compelling story for your brand and how to use it to define a truly unique value proposition.

the rule of one

Whether you  find a niche and stay in it or are a multi-faceted creative offering different products or services, you have to follow this one rule to finally book your dream clients.

the journey of your website

You have the power to create a very intentional customer journey through the pages of your website that will have your ideal customer practically falling over themselves to book you. I'll show you how.

how to design your pages

In these 5 screen-share sessions, we will walk through how to design + craft your website pages to draw your ideal customer in and you guessed it... convert. I'll show you with websites I've built! 

how to design your blog + CTA's

In these 2 sessions, we will walk through how to design + craft your blog to help you actually accomplish your main goal and not distract from it. And we'll dive into creating call to actions + landing pages!

copy shots

This isn't a copywriting course, but in this quick bonus session, I'll give you a few of my go to tips for how to say the important stuff to drastically increase conversions.

and so much more...

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what you'll get

tips, advice, and strategy that can quickly and easily be implemented into your website to increase conversion today (no code required!).
learn my strategy for uncovering your unique value proposition and how to use that to build a powerful brand story. 
screen-share sessions where i walk you through exactly how i lay out websites built for conversion.
The exact strategies i use with my custom clients to build a magnetic brand and online presence.
over 3 hours of conversational style coaching videos on how to create and twaek your website for conversion.

the details

real talk teaching approach for an encouraging and engaging learning experience. like me + you over a 4 count chicken mini chat.

what they're saying

"this is 100% my style & everything i've been dreaming of!"

"I am so in love with every page. You honestly nailed this Megan!! The colors are truly my favorite. I can't even handle how perfect this is! Thank you thank you thank you. This is 100% my style and everything I've been dreaming of!"

- Marieanna Wild, Stay Wild Love

"I will never use anyone other than megan for my website needs again!"

"After a decade in business, I finally have a website that communicates my brand thanks to Megan! Even better? It converts. Since launching less than 3 months ago, I've seen a significant increase in bookings with the BEST clients. I know this site will last with how Showit allows me to make easy changes. I will never use anyone other than Megan for my website needs again!" - Laura Foote

is my go to

"Megan Martin is my go to girl for anything web design. She is so knowledgeable about how to set up your website in a way that converts to paying clients. And her blogs and emails are so full of information for the creative business owner that if you're not reading those stop what you're doing and subscribe."

- Heather Johnson, HNJ Photos

"since following your advice, I've gotten 3 new inquiries and clients!"

"Thank you for sharing about websites that convert.

Since following your advice on Monday, I reworked my home page and have gotten 3 inquiries and new clients! (What the what?!)"

- Shay Paulson, Merit Media (A mere two days after reworking her site!)

" she helps you navigate and flourish as a creative business!""

"As a long time creative business owner herself, Megan has been right where you are! Her heart is to take everything she has learned and to help you both navigate and flourish as a creative business!"

- Shay Cochrane, SC Stockshop

"her templates are worth their weight in gold."

"Megan has an unparalleled commitment to sharing quality content with her clients and community! Anytime she offers a new class or template, I know it's going to be worth its weight in gold! If you are looking to grow your business through tried and true strategies and plenty of preppy sparkle, then Megan is the boss lady for you.

- Bonnie Bakhtiari, B is for Bonnie Design

get the confetti ready.

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