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Custom showit website design by Megan Martin Creative, premium showit website template, colorful brand, watercolor logo, creative brand design, feminine website

Custom Showit Website for Stay Wild Love


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Today is launch day for my dear client, Marieanna Wild! She is officially unveiling her gorgeous new brand and custom Showit website for her deeply intentional business: Stay Wild Love.


A few months ago, I put out a simple call on Instagram stories. I was looking for a business owner who

  1. Served other business owners – Coach, VA, Brand Photographer, etc.
  2. LOVED color – like seriously, must love color.
  3. Was fun and friendly – I like nice people!
  4. Needed a new website (and want one that is built to CONVERT!).
  5. If they fit all of the above, I simply said, “I want to chat with you!”


It was all very vague for a reason.


I had just decided to go full steam ahead in developing my first ever line of Premium Showit Website templates. HOORAY!


But I didn’t want to just pump out pretty templates. Believe me, it would have been WAY easier… and faster.


From the get-go, I was passionate about not just making stuff up. If I was going to create a website template for someone, I wanted to be sure it would be useful for someone other than myself.


Often when we go to create something new, we are WAY too close to it. We put blinders on and create in a vacuum. 🙋‍♀️ #totesguilty


I know what I need in a website, but I already have one of those. When it came time to start developing my templates, I wanted to get valuable feedback from other business owner perspectives in various key niches that I already serve to make sure my products would meet the needs of my ideal customers.


I got quite a few hands raised to that call in the first few hours. I’m talking about 30 hands right away. That number may not seem huge, but it quickly clued me into something:


  1. There are other people in the world just like me who desire a website that actually converts. Not just another pretty face around here!
  2. There are other business owners just like me who, sure, think the light/airy/fine art/Joanna Gainess esque popular design aesthetic that is EVERYWHERE is nothing short of gorgeous, but wish there were more options for us color loving/bright/bold/#livecolorfully kinda gals.


Among those hands raised was a sweet woman named Marieanna Wild. She told me all about her business that was just getting off the ground: Stay Wild Love. Marieanna is a brand manager for creative entrepreneurs who need help tackling the tedious details so they can get back to what makes them profitable… and the things they love!


I offered to design her a custom Showit website with the goal of selling the design as a limited release template in my upcoming product line. She was game! 


Custom showit website design by Megan Martin Creative, premium showit website template, colorful brand, watercolor logo, creative brand design, feminine website

(Lifestyle Styled Stock Image from our brand new line with the SC Stockshop!)


Marieanna loves to work with creatives who are a marketing strategist (or work with one!) and manage the production and promotion of the content marketing plan. She also shines in customer support and managing logistical details. With corporate experience in managing million dollar charity galas, you can bet that she knows how to get stuff done without being micromanaged.


But above her ability to get results, what I love most about Marieanna is her insatiable desire to serve others really well. She doesn’t know it, but working with her over the past couple months has deeply inspired me as a business owner.


She. Puts. People. First. 


And not just in a cute phrase kinda way. She has an innate desire to serve other people and doesn’t attach that calling to any sort of vanity game (aka exposure, social media fame, and the whole kit and caboodle). While none of that stuff is inherently bad (I get it, I’m a marketer after all, ha!), it is refreshing to see another business owner who is building a successful business in a different way.


And it works. She only has 1 more client spot available. AMAZING!


Designing the Stay Wild Love Custom Showit Website


I’m not even gonna lie. Designing her website was a DREAM. Marieanna’s love of color might just rival my own.


When she first showed me her stunning custom watercolor logo designed by Windswept Design Studios, my eyes about jumped out of their sockets. And then when we hopped on a call she anxiously questioned if it was okay to build a brand and website with all the colorful details she imagined.


Girl, please. Instant color obsessed BFFs.


And while a lot more went into the process of building her brand story, messaging, and core than just the pretty details, I can’t even lie that I was like a kid at a candy shop to play with all her sunset inspired shades to build out the rest of the SWL visual brand identity online.


She did such a fantastic job of digging in deep to my gigantic design prep questionnaire, so building out her custom Showit website was a dream and writing her copy was reallllly fun. When I sent her the first proof of the home page, her reaction was:


“I am so in love and can’t wait to see the rest of the pages. You honestly nailed this Megan!! The colors are truly my favorite. At first when I was sharing with you all my love for colors and sunrises/sunsets I thought, how in the world are we going to make this into a brand that works? But love, your idea of chic meets bold, bright and playful! I can’t even handle how perfect this is! — How you’ve reworked the word vomit I sent you in the questionnaire put even more tears in my eyes. I just feel like you get me so much.”


Cue the tears. 


As a designer, it literally doesn’t matter how many times I do this. Every. single. time. I send out a proof, I about keel over inside from anxiety. Will she like it? Will it be a true extension of her heart and passion? Will this be a TOTAL flop? [hides under the covers biting teeth until I hear back]


So when you get a response back like that one, it means the world!


Once I knew I was on the right track, building out the rest of her custom Showit website was FUN! I enjoyed creating every little detail from the playful layout to the little surprises (like a manifesto page!) and of course, allllll the color.


So without further adieu, go get lost in the pretty and the heart of Stay Wild Love!


And if you are digging the design, get ready! It will be in our upcoming limited release of Premium Showit Website templates! Only TEN small business owners will get to purchase the design based on my 7 years experience in branding, marketing, and the science of conversion. Each purchase will come with a step-by-step course to walk you through not only how to easily edit the entire site, but also HOW to shape your messaging and copy using the template. Each template is built to convert, so I’m not going to leave you hanging on how to use it to do just that!


This premium Showit website template is jammed packed with even more pages than you see on Marieanna’s site and I can’t wait to show you!


premium showit website template by megan martin creative, watercolor logo, watercolor brand, feminine website, sc stockshop, colorful branding


Thank you, Marieanna, for trusting me with building an online space for your business to call home! It was such a joy to work with you! Wishing you all the best, love! <3

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  1. Jody Senna says:

    Yay! I’m looking forward to the release of your Show It templates! What a huge step forward for you and it’s going to be such an even huger 🙂 step and blessing for those of us who are needing templates!

  2. Beautiful design, and I love the bold, happy colors!


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