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3 Ways to Take Your Website to the Next Level this Year

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Anyone else feel like January was the entire year of 2020?

It sure felt that way for me. I’m still in the sweetest world of newborn snuggles, but it isn’t always sweet. The long nights, the hard to settle cries, and the hamster wheel of eat, wake, sleep is REAL.

While running the non-stop wheel, I watched quite a bit of Netflix. From CHEER, to The Crown, and my personal new faveGlow Up. If you haven’t seen it, is is a competition show following aspiring makeup artists as they compete for a life-changing contract in the beauty industry.

I know virtually nothing about makeup, but watching the artists work and grow in their craft was SO inspiring. And a rainbow look took home the title. I can get behind that 😉

A new look for MMC in 2020!

A New Look for MMC in 2020

Watching Glow Up was the inspiring kick in the pants I needed to finish a Glow Up of my own: A brand new MMC website!

After launching my course Websites that Convert last Fall, I knew my website needed a little refresh to go along with it. Usually, when I’ve got a new website design on the mind, I whip it up in about a week flat.

But this time was different. Just like I teach my course students, I methodically worked to build the site around my main business goals.

As I was conceptualizing, it became pretty clear I needed to create a new personalized experience to connect with the wide array of business friends who come to my door at different business levels and types (service, product, multi-passionate, etc!).

Enter the Conversion Lab.

Part quiz. Part science project. The Conversion Lab is a brand new tool I created to give you a tailored step-by-step conversion plan based on your unique business to help you tweak (or create!) your website to convert. Curious? Give it a try!

Enter the Conversion Lab - A quiz to help you get a tailored step-by-step plan to help you create a website that converts based on your unique business and level!

3 Ways to Take Your Website to the Next Level this Year

Want to know why I made the decisions I did in our 2020 Website Refresh? Watch this episode of The Website Conversion Lab where I take you behind the scenes of our new Home Page, Quiz Experience, Resources Page, and Blog to show you 3 ways you can take your website to the next level.

I’m covering how to leverage your home page to convert on your main goals, how to tap into the trend of personalized experiences in marketing right on the pages of your website, and how to be innovating with your blog in 2020 to keep your readers engaged.

This one is jam-packed!

Links to check out from the episode:

  1. Take The Conversion Lab Quiz and see for yourself how the personalized experience works and to get tailored advice for your unique business to help you increase conversions!
  2. Check out the Free Resources page to see how I worked to continue the personalized experience that coordinates with my quiz.
  3. Learn more about authority building, social proof, and the 6 universal triggers you can use to boost conversions on your website from the book Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion.
  4. Shop our line of Exclusive Showit Website Templates for a Glow Up of your own!

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I'm a Mama of 4 who went from college drop out with zero biz savvy to building a 6-figure digital business on my own terms. I share the REAL bts of creating products, building a brand, and scaling for passive profit with courses, memberships, templates, downloads, and more.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Wow, this was such a great in depth look! I learned a whole lot – especially as I’m looking forward to a major re-brand of my business. Thanks Megan, so very much appreciated.


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