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How to add a free cookie consent bar to your Showit website to be GDPR compliant

How to add a Cookie Consent Bar to your Showit Website to be GDPR legit

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Today we are talking a little bit about cookies. 🍪 Not the dessert kind. The internet-webs kind. Specifically, how to add a cookie consent bar to your Showit website so you can comply with GDPR standards.

This app works for any kind of website really, but the implementation would just be a tad different depending on your platform.

Watch the video below to get the deets on how to get a free and easy cookie consent bar to add to your website.

In the tutorial, I also walk through how to add it to your Showit website. If you use another platform, check to see if they have a built-in cookie consent bar and if not, do a quick Google search on how to add a snippet of code to the head of your website pages and the app can work for you, too!

To make your cookie consent bar and website *actually* legally legit, you’ll need a Website Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy page that clearly explains how you use your customers’ information.

If you have a contact form, collect email addresses through an opt-in, or use any sort of data tracking tools like Google Analytics, you need to publicly share how that information will be used. The easiest way to get your website up to date and legally legit is with an attorney-drafted contract template. One of my fave resources for contract templates is The Legal Paige.

TLP has contract templates for nearly every creative niche you can think of. They are easy to use and understand and her Website Terms + Privacy template takes all of 5 minutes to open, fill in the highlighted blanks, and copy-paste into your website.

If you need a legally legit Website Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy template to add to your website, head to The Legal Paige HERE and get 10% off your purchase with code MEGAN! (Affiliate link BTW!)

How to add a Cookie Consent Bar to your Showit Website

Links mentioned in the tutorial:

01. Create your free cookie consent bar with this Website Policies plugin:

02. Get a Website Terms + Privacy template that is attorney drafted and legally legit from The Legal Paige: and get 10% off your purchase with code MEGAN!

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  1. Lane says:

    If a business does not serve clients in the EU, does a website still need this? From what I’ve read it’s only for organizations based in the EU or organizations outside of the EU offering goods or services to, or monitoring, EU residents.

    • Megan Martin says:

      Hey Lane! Great question. I’m not an attorney so first things first just wanna put that out there! From my research and conversations with attorneys, most businesses do need at least a Privacy Policy on their websites. Especially if you use data tracking tools. If you use Google Analytics no matter where you live, you agreed to their Terms of Service which clearly states you must publicly present a Privacy Policy that explains to users how their information is being used. California recently passed laws similar to the GDPR that states any business serving in or to California residents must have a Privacy Policy. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the US as a whole passes similar laws. At this point, it is fairly common practice and a good show of faith IMO that you are going the extra mile to take care of people who visit your site. Terms + Conditions serve to protect you and your content online. So I would have that no matter what!

  2. Whitney says:

    Thanks! So super helpful as usual!!!!


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