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How to Create Custom Blog Category Pages in Showit


One of the many reasons I LOVE Showit is the sky is the limit on custom tailoring each and every page of your website design for a unique exploring experience for your customers.

One of the ways I take full advantage of the Showit drag and drop website builder is through Custom Blog Category Page Designs.

Creating unique category pages has never been easier (or more fun!).

Why Custom Category Pages?

You COULD just have every category be designed the same like most websites. BUT…

I love to have custom category designs for a few reasons:

1. You can display unique imagery that emotionally supports the overarching theme of any given category

2. You can write copy that helps give the reader context on the types of content they are about to consume within any given blog category

3. You can determine on a per-category basis on how present the collection of blog posts seen (see the video!)

4. Custom category pages switch things up in your blog to keep your reader engaged with a little bit of a surprise and delight factor to your website!

How to Create Custom Blog Category Pages in Showit

Ready to make it happen? Watch the video tutorial to get the lowdown on the easy steps and start creating custom category pages for yourself!

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