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From the stage to right here, I share my best advice (and what I'm learning!) on magnetic branding, effective marketing, website design and copy tips, and the science of conversion.

"Megan Martin is my go to girl for anything web design. She is so knowledgeable about how to set up your website to convert to paying clients.

Her blog and emails are so full of information for the creative business owner that if you're not reading those stop what you're doing and subscribe to her email list."

Heather Johnson, Photo Editor

"Reading your blogs are like talking to my best friend... You completely understand and can relate as a business owner really well.

I enjoy it not only because it's relatable but also as it is practical and loaded with helpful tips!"

Keva Stephens, Linen Rental Company

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Sales and conversion evaluation by Megan Martin Creative - Evaluate your business with this 4-page Google Doc!

If you’ve tasted success and you know you’re onto something good you might start to wonder how you can optimize this shebang to grow it to the level of financial success you are dreaming of. It starts with a plan. When it comes to scaling, there are a lot of moving parts like Landing Pages, […]

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I’m so excited to introduce you to my industry pal and copywriting genius: Jessica Jordana! I reached out to Jessica to have her share her insight on DIY website copy to help you better connect with your ideal customer and convert. I started following Jess early on in her biz. Something just drew me to […]

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Lifestyle styled stock from the SC Stockshop

If you can’t tell yet, I’m quite a creative visual gal. Creating beautiful things is my happy place. Art class? Mini Megan was all over that. Science? Well… you can imagine eyes completely glazed over as Ms. Stumph tried to teach me the laws of chemistry. Not much from that class has stuck around the […]

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Are you a multi-passionate creative? Do you offer more than just one service or product? Cool. Me too! *Only have one offering? You’re not missing out, promise! The Rule of One still applies to you. You’re already on a good track, but I bet there just might be some refining you can do to deepen […]

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Passive profit is a hot topic these days. Rightfully so! Diversifying your income with passive profit can help you continue to do what you love (helping people!) with less long term work involved. I recently spoke about my journey to creating passive revenue in my service-based business at my local Tuesdays Together meetup. Over 50 […]

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How to nail your website page hook and lead to the sale above the fold

Hooray for new series day! Today I’m kicking off our brand new video series: The Website Conversion Lab! Think unscripted/off the cuff deep dives into my custom work and conversion brain to give you practical advice you can implement immediately to tweak (or create!) your website pages to increase sales and conversions. And today we […]

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how to create a resource library for your Showit Website

A Resource Library is a fabulous way to grow your email list and over-deliver on value for your customers, clients, and website visitors. Today, we are going to walk through how to create a Resource Library to your Showit Website using 2 different methods. There are 2 ways to add a Resource Library to your […]

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A Gated Resource Page Design

Thinking about adding a Resources Page to your website? You’re in the right spot! Before you go whipping up tons of freebies and gathering links, let’s talk about the first decision you need to make: What kind of Resources Page is right for you! In this post, we’re going to break down the 2 types […]

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