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Is the showit drag and drop website builder really that easy? Find out in this BTS look!

Is Showit Really THAT easy? BTS Look at the drag and drop website builder!

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Considering Showit for your website, but want to know more about how the drag and drop website builder looks, feels, and works? I got you! Today I want to invite you behind the screen to see what my website looks like on the backend of the Showit dashboard to see for yourself!

Showit boasts that they give you complete creative freedom to build a site that you love and books the clients of your dreams.

So is it true?

After 4 years as a Showiteer and designer, I am a true believer.

Sure I sell Showit website templates, but that is ONLY because I used the platform for over a year and really learned to love it after making the switch from a custom coded WordPress website.

But just like everything in life and biz, there is a learning curve to any new software that you jump into.

Showit’s website editor allows you to show off your images, convey your message with over 952 Google fonts or easily add your own custom brand font, and easily drag and drop to your heart’s content.

And because Showit is powered by WordPress, it is the perfect marriage of creative control and SEO.

Take a BTS Tour of the Showit Drag and Drop Website Builder

Probably the BIGGEST pro for the Showit DIY website builder is their drag and drop editor. Other builders claim to be “no-code,” but that isn’t really true. Sure you can build a DIY website on Squarespace or WordPress with other template builders like ProPhoto or Elementor, buuuuut their claims of a no-code drag and drop experience aren’t really true. (I know because I’ve used them)

If you take one of their templates and use it just as is with absolutely no structural or creative edits, then yes, you can DIY a website pretty quickly.

But if you dream of changing things up and getting more creative in your layouts and even adding things in that you really need, you’re gonna need to start Googling to learn the code languages of CSS and HTML.

Showit is truly different. While other website platforms work in columns, rows, and blocks, Showit is like a blank canvas. With a click of a cursor, you can take any element you see or add and drag it anywhere you want on the screen without ever looking at a line of code.

Wanna see what I mean? Watch this BTS tour 👇

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